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US-Nigeria Business Outlook 2024


The US-Nigeria Business Outlook is designed to bring together International business leaders, policy makers, regulators, investors, asset management coys, startups, entrepreneurs and government representatives from both the United States and Nigeria, leading discussions that impact the economic development of both countries.

US-Nigeria Business Outlook explored new perspectives on US-Nigeria partnership for mutual growth and development.

US-Nigeria Business Outlook provided a platform for public-private dialogue, delivering high level meetings of CEO’s and investors with Nigerian Government Officials, to gain insight into the country’s economic development strategies. The sessions provided exposure to a variety of key sectors, business environments and public/private investment opportunities. The event was a virtual event that offered an opportunity for fantastic networking, providing industry leaders with an opportunity to discuss business.

Why Attend US-NBO 2024

  • Extensive market understanding
  • Strengthening fdi’s into nigeria
  • Highlighting opportunity
  • Diverse approach
  • Unparalleled networking access