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Nigeria Power Outlook 2022

Thursday, 28th of April, 2022 | CIVIC CENTER, LAGOS

In the last two years since we launched Nigeria Power Outlook, The event has led key discussions on the challenges of transforming the Nigerian power sector landscape, analyzing of the privatization of GENCO’S, alternative access to power such as the off-grid models, pathways to recovery in the sector, financing and collaborative ways of harmonizing stakeholders’ interests and working together to achieve success.

This year’s edition of the event brought together stakeholders across the ecosystem’s value chain to discuss the theme ‘ POWER FOR ALL- LOOKING BACK, MOVING FORWARD, WHAT NEXT?’. The event provided an opportunity to discuss and debate key developments built from the last year’s edition of the event, that will drive important conversations and catalyze progress.

The event convened stakeholders, participants, developers and investors in the power sector (on-grid and off-grid) representatives from state and federal government of Nigeria, Nigeria Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC), Independent Power Producers (IPP), distribution companies and other stakeholders within the Power Industry.

Why Participate in NPO 2023

  • Network with Industry Leaders in the Power and Energy Sector.
  • Identify emerging opportunities in the Power value chain.
  • Identify necessary regulatory tools and actions required to stimulate investment in the Power Industry.
  • Share conversation with policy makers regarding innovation and Investment in the Power sector.
  • Providing a global platform for debate and action to build Nigeria’s Power sector.
  • Networking with policy-setting government figures at Federal and State Government levels.